A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

This game is just one of NINE GAMES ABOUT SNAILS available in the collection "Snail Love" which you can get for free on itch right here:


All games have been edited and remastered since #varietymegajam, and they're better than ever! Check it out if you're so inclined!


"Conversations with a Snail" is a point-and-click poem love and continuing through loss.

"Journey Home" is an audio-only adventure inspired by the fact that snails can't see (or hear much, either).

"January 3, 2016" is a Twine piece about slowing down and patience and love.

"Counting Snails" is a game about moving slow and observing.

"Snail Trails" is a generative art piece where you get down on the floor and play with snails.

"Shell Builder" is another generative art piece centered around snails' spiral shells.

"Grumpy Snail" is a sokoban-like about expectations misaligning with reality.

"My Best Friend's Snail" is a playful little dress-up game, and

"A Million Things May Eat a Snail" is a game-poem about protection and emerging from that protection.


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Thank you, for some reason I can't reply on your comment. I like this game and the snail theme you got going :9