This game is just one of NINE GAMES ABOUT SNAILS available in the collection "Snail Love" which you can get for free on itch right here:

All games have been edited and remastered since #varietymegajam, and they're better than ever! Check it out if you're so inclined!


"Conversations with a Snail" is a point-and-click poem love and continuing through loss.

"Journey Home" is an audio-only adventure inspired by the fact that snails can't see (or hear much, either).

"January 3, 2016" is a Twine piece about slowing down and patience and love.

"Counting Snails" is a game about moving slow and observing.

"Snail Trails" is a generative art piece where you get down on the floor and play with snails.

"Shell Builder" is another generative art piece centered around snails' spiral shells.

"Grumpy Snail" is a sokoban-like about expectations misaligning with reality.

"My Best Friend's Snail" is a playful little dress-up game, and

"A Million Things May Eat a Snail" is a game-poem about protection and emerging from that protection.

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